Planning Commission (PC)

Established in 1956, the Arlington County Planning Commission (PC) is a citizen advisory board authorized by the Virginia State Code. It promotes the orderly development of Arlington County and its environs by advising the County Board on development and use of land, facilities and zoning.

Public Hearings

1-2 meetings per month
7 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)
2100 Clarendon Blvd.
County Board Room 307
Arlington, VA 22201


Schedule of PC and County Board 2014 Hearing Dates

2014 Planning Commission Documents

2014 Planning Commission and Committee Meetings

Date/Time Meeting/Location Subject Matter Planning Commissioner/Planning Staff
Oct 7, 7 pm
WRAPS Working Group
Wilson School, MPR
1601 Wilson Blvd
Guiding Principles Steve Cole/Richard Tucker
Oct 9, 7 pm
WRAPS Working Group
Navy League, Large Conf. Room
2300 Wilson Blvd
Guiding Principles Steve Cole/Richard Tucker
Oct 15, 7-9 pm
Form Base Code Advisory Working Group
CHP, CR-710A, 7th Floor
FBC Amendments & FBC Project Review Inta Malis/Jennifer Smith
Oct 15, 7 pm
Courthouse Square Planning & Urban Study Working Group
CHP, CR-406, 4th Floor
Concept Plan Discussion Nancy Iacamini/Jason Beske
Oct 16, 7 pm
Long Range Planning Committee
CHP, CR-311, 3rd Floor
Courthouse Square Planning & Urban Design Study Inta Malis/Margaret Rhodes
Oct 18, 9 am
TJMS Working Group
TJMS, 125 S. Old Glebe, Cafeteria/Commons
Community Open House Steve Sockwell/Justin Falango
Oct 25,
9 am – 2 pm
Key Elementary School, MPR
2300 Key Boulevard
Public Workshop Steve Cole/Richard Tucker
Oct 28, 7 pm
Long Range Planning Committee
CHP, 109/111 (C/D), lobby level
Public Land Site Evaluation Inta Malis/Matt Ladd
Oct 29, 7 pm
Crystal City Citizens Review Council (CCCRC)
Crystal City Community Room
Crystal City Transitway & Parking Planning Jane Siegel/Margaret Rhodes


Past Planning Commission Hearings