Meeting Calendar for Advisory Groups






Week 1
  • Planning Commission


  • Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Commission
  • Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing (1st or 3rd Thursday)
Week 2
  • Economic Development (morning)


  • Commission on Long-Term Care Residences


  • Commission on the Status of Women
  • Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee
  • Human Rights Commission
Week 3
  • Commission on Aging (3rd or 4th Monday morning )
  • Disability Advisory Commission
  • Tenant-Landlord Commission
  • Public Facilities Review Committee
  • Community Services Board
  • Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (3rd and 5th Wednesday)
  • Board of Building Code Appeals (afternoon)
  • Sports Commission (3rd or 4th Thursday)
  • Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission
Week 4
  • Environment & Energy Conservation Commission
  • Park & Recreation Commission
  • Commission for the Arts
  • Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission
  • Information Technology Advisory Commission
  • Partnership for Children, Youth and Families
  • Sports Commission
  • Urban Forestry Commission
  • GMU Arlington Campus Advisory Board
  • Out-of-School Time Advisory Council
As Needed
  • Crystal City Citizen Review Council
  • Community Housing Finance Corporation Board
  • Civil Service  Commission
  • Industrial Development Authority
  • Advisory Board on Trespass Vehicle Towing


Meetings are in the evenings unless otherwise noted.