Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing (Housing Commission)

The Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing, known as the Housing Commission, is an all-volunteer, County Board-appointed, 13-member citizen advisory group responsible for advising the County Board on housing policy issues and funding allocations.


7 p.m.

Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Room 311 (unless otherwise noted)

Meetings are typically scheduled nine to 12 days before County Board meetings. Agendas are available one week prior to each meeting. To be included on the email distribution list for meeting agendas, contact Joel Franklin.

2014 Meeting Schedule

Date Location Meeting Materials
Jan. 16  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
New Commission Training Manual (information)
The Springs (Action)
1000 N Glebe Rd Site Plan (Action)
Columbia Pike Multifamily Partial Property Tax Exemption (Information)
Feb. 13 19  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
Tenant Assistance Fund for Buckingham Parcel B (Action)
Serrano Apartments (Information)
Supportive Studio Housing Model (Information)
Arlington’s Homeless Programs (Information)
March 6  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
FY 2015 Budget Recommendations (Action)
Housing Commission Charter (Action)
Supportive Studio Housing Model (Information)
2401 Wilson Boulevard Site Plan (Information)
William Waters (Information)
April 3  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
Serrano Apartments (Action)
Housing Commission Charter (Action)
May 1  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
Streetcar Return on Investment Study (Information)
Woodbury Park (Information)
10th Street Flats (Information)
1401 Wilson Boulevard Site Plan (Information)
June 5  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
William Watters (Action)
Woodbury Park (Action)
1401 Wilson Boulevard Site Plan (Action)
Public Land for Public Good (Information)
July 10  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
The Joule Site Plan Amendment (Action)
The Springs Tenant Assistance Fund (Action)
10th Street Flats  (Action)
The Gables (Information)
The Berkeley (Information)
Affordable Housing Study Update (Information)
August (No meeting scheduled)
Sept. 11  311 Affordable Housing Month (Information)
Approval of Notes (Action)
Courthouse Square Planning and Urban Design (Information)
The Spectrum (Information)
Culpepper Gardens (Information)
Affordable Housing Study Update (Information)
Oct. 9  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
The Spectrum (Action)
400 Army Navy Drive Site Plan (Information)
Key Boulevard Site Plan (Information)
Update on the Moderate Income Purchase Assistance Program (Information)
Affordable Housing Study Update (Information)
Nov. 6  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
Key Boulevard Site Plan (Action)
Culpepper Gardens (Action)
Columbia Pike Revitalization Area Resolution (Information)
Dec. 4  311 Approval of Notes (Action)
400 Army Navy Drive Site Plan (Action)
AHIF Housing Services Proposals (Action)
Columbia Pike Revitalization Area Resolution (Action)
Columbia Hills (Information)

Past Meetings