Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB)

The Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) advises the County Board on historic preservation matters. The HALRB nominates properties for local and national designation and also reviews plans for exterior alterations, demolition and new construction in locally designated Arlington historic districts through a Certificate of Appropriate (CoA) process. The CoA applicants must first go before the Design Review Committee (DRC) – a subcommittee that works with the HALRB. The DRC offers free technical and design advice to the applicant and help finalize the CoA request before it goes to the HALRB for review.

Public Meetings

HALRB hearings are held on the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 7:30 p.m. and DRC public meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Courthouse Plaza Building, 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Lobby Conference Rooms Cherry and Dogwood, unless otherwise noted. View the DRC website for DRC meetings and materials.

2014 Schedule

Date Agenda/Minutes Documents/Meeting Materials
Jan. 22 Room 307 (County Board Room) Agenda Minutes
  1. CoA 4-01A, 1028 South Walter Reed Drive: Report, Drawings
  2. CoA 12-26B, 3424 21st Avenue North: Report, Drawings
  3. Proposed Arlington Presbyterian Church Historic District: Designation Report
Feb. 19 Agenda Minutes
  1. CoA 14-01, 3435 8th Street South: Report, Drawings
Mar. 19 Agenda Minutes
  1. CoA 13-10A, 2821 23rd Street North: Report , Drawings
  2. CoA 13-11B, 3511 22nd Street North: Report, Drawings
  3. CoA 14-03, 3509 21st Avenue North: Report, Drawings
  4. Coa 14-04, 2301 North Fillmore Street: Report, Drawings
  5. CoA 14-05, 1612 North Quincy Street: Report , Drawings
  6. Arlington Village Historic Marker: Marker
  7. Green Valley Pharmacy Historic Marker: Marker
Apr. 16 Agenda Minutes
  1. CoA 14-02, 3321 23rd Street North: Report, Drawings
  2. CoA 13-05A, 2302 North Kenmore Street: Report, Drawings
  3. CoA 14-07, 400 North Manchester Street: Report, Drawings
  4. Pierce-Queen Apartments: Presentation
  5. [Approved] CoA 14-04, 2301 North Fillmore Street: Staff Report, Drawings
May 21 Agenda Minutes
  1. CoA 13-11C, 3511 22nd Street North: Report, Drawings
  2. CoA 14-08, 2915 22nd Street North: Report, Drawings 
  3. CoA 14-10, 3600 22nd Street North: Report, Drawings
  4. CoA 13-10B, 2821 23rd Street North: Report, Drawings
  5. Woodbury Park Apartments: Presentation, Staff Report
  6. Proposed Benjamin Elliott’s Coal Trestle Historic District: Designation Report. Appendix 2: Preliminary Condition Survey Report
  7. CoA 14-09, 5800 North Washington Boulevard: Report, Drawings
June 18  Agenda MINUTES
  1. CoA 11-11A, 2318 North Kenmore Street: Report Drawings
  2. CoA 13-05B, 2302 23rd Street North: Report Drawings, Previously Approved CoA 13-05A
  3. CoA 14-06, 3210 23rd Street North: Report Drawings
  4. CoA 14-15, 2333 North Van Buren Court: Report Drawings
  5. Pierce Queen Site Plan #425: Presentation
  6. Gables North Rolfe Street Site Plan #432: Presentation
July 23  AGENDA
  1. CoA 13-10C, 2821 23rd Street North:Staff ReportDrawings
  2. CoA 14-10A, 3600 22nd Street North:Staff Report, Drawings
  3. CoA 14-16, 3205 23rd Street North: Staff Report, Drawings
  4. CoA 14-18, 2342 North Van Buren Court: Staff Report, Drawings
  5. CoA 14-19, 2329 North Edgewood Street:Staff Report, Drawings
  6. Rosslyn BID Markers:RBID Tableau, RBID text
  7. Eastman-Fenwick House Historic District, Fenwick Courts Townhomes Design Guidelines: DRAFT Fenwick Court Design Guidelines
Aug. 20
Sept. 17
Oct. 15
Nov. 19
Dec. 17
Jan. 21, 2015


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