The County Board has established about 50 standing advisory groups to increase community input and focus on specific community needs and problems. It also creates ad hoc committees and task forces for limited terms to focus on projects of immediate concern.

Appointments to Advisory Groups

  • The County Board seeks to reflect Arlington’s diversity by fully partnering with all segments of the community with the government.
  • The Board appoints citizens for specific term lengths.
  • Terms are staggered so that vacancies occur on a periodic basis.
  • Generally, advisory group appointments are limited to citizens maintaining residences within Arlington County.
  • Some groups may require special appointment qualifications as mandated by the Virginia or County Codes (e.g., particular expertise in the subject area.)

Interested in Getting Involved?

Groups & Commissions

Asterisk * denotes a group whose membership is not appointed by Arlington County Board. Memberships in all other groups are County Board-appointed. Membership in all of these groups is voluntary.